Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Farm Chores

We have now 5 vet students to help s clean the quarantine, learning quarantine procuedures.
Todat they weighed some weanlings, wormed and innoculated for Vit D, and 5 in 1.
Frosted Rose, had a abcess on her Jaw.
The vet was up anyway, sho he treated this, and showed the vet students how to clean this out.
The weather has been extremely cold, and windy.
Heaps of rain, so the herd has been moved to the safe paddocks on the lower part of the farm, where the wind just goes over the hill.
Fibre samples were taken, to be sent off to the fleece testing.
We will take more fibre samples tomorrow. OUr average fibre test for the progeny has been 15 microns, over 100 weanlings, that is not a bad average.
Vallon De Oro' is producing a superb density, lustre, and evenness with fineness.
I have been trying to finalise all my paperwork for the end of the financial year.
must go now, just updating my webpage