Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How can you increase Fibre Density-Alpaca Fleece

if you concentrate on the proper aspects of breeding you will gain this.
click on this link to read this explaination by Paul Vallely
Genetic Improvement Fibre Technology

Monday, April 27, 2009

email problems whilst away

i appolagise to any one who has tried to reach me whilst i hve been away.
i have had internet connection problems, even bought another computer whilst way, have set up about 3 different email programs, because i thought people were receiving my emails, as i could receive emails, then i found out that most of the emails i was sending, are now in cyberspace, as they never bounced back to me, and i assume people had received my reply, ROb & i are due back to melbourne on 4th May 2009.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Big Budda

Whilst in Hong Kong, we visted The big Budda, and gave an offering to Budda, for good luck and to keep all evil from them. We met people who lived in canada and who bred alpacas, so plans were mde for visiting them

HOng Kong

What an experience, a trip to Canada to see the alpacas in quarantine at Manitoba, the flight is stopped at Hong Kong, to break the flight up a bit, we stayed in Hong Kong for 2 days.

Thank goodness as the flight is a long one.

Beautiful city, we went toDisneyland.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


we have been in the alpaca industry for 18 years.
since the beginning, everyone has been looking for any information on how to improve their reeding, and in stead of hit and run with their breeding dcisions, to have a more accurate estimation of what the offspring will be like in the next generation.
There has never been an easy answer, until now.
Both ROb and i have always been different to everybody else, we have not followed the show ring with our breeding dicisions.
Our results are outstanding, we have had excellent males to work with.
But through a cencentrated effort we can see how the fleece devolps from generation to generation with controlled breeding, with never a change in the styles of fleece.
each step along the way the changes are the same, working with a large herd. originally with all grades of quality dams we have worked with.
It is fantastic now we have this tool.



If you are seious about produceing the finest and most valuable fleece, in Alpacas, please click here.
10 years research in the Australian Sheep industry and 2 years in the alpaca industry by a government independent research program from CSIRO.
A must for every alpaca breeder.
contacts are to send your fleece samples, but if you cannot find these contacts please just email me.
any advice again, drop me a line