Friday, February 27, 2009

A new Day.... A new Cria... lots of baby alpacas everywhere

Since my last writing,

we have all felt many chellenges.

A drought now it's 10th year, days of heat we in Melbourne do not normally get this hot, and days and days of it.
We delivered the alpacas for Canada, which was a huge success, and we have in plans for the next group to start.

Whilst we were on the road, Rob and I had to go to NSW and pick up a female for the next Quarantine for NZ.

When we got there, Elyse rang us and said it was 43 degrees. This meant it was far too hot to drive an alpaca in the van almost 900 kms.

so we thought the next day it would be cooler.

So we nicked over to Woolongong for the night.

As it was originally going to be one night, we lashed out and stayed at a most beautiful Novotel, ion Woolongong, with views over the sea.

The temperature was 27 there. And we had to wait until the temperatures reduced so we could pick a female up and bring her home.

We waited until the weather cooled down, but un be known to us, the weather down the centre was still stifling, and we had to stop on the way home to dip in the Murray rier, to cool down.