Thursday, September 11, 2008

ALpacas are off to New Zealand.

The next group of alpacas have passed all their tests for export,

They will get their final checkup, and procedures completed tomorrow, whilst AQIS check out the shipment, the quarantine facilities, and the running of the shipment.

The alpacas have done really well, it has been great the past few days, wiuth beautiful sunshine.

They have enjoyed having their coats, off, and just lapping up the warmth in the sun.

They head off during the night on Friday, and arrive most likely around lunch time Saturday morning in Auckland.

Good luck to all the owners of your alpacas, they are a fabulous group, and it has been a pleasure looking after them for you.

looking forward to seeing them or their babies in your National shows of the future.

Lady titicata

Lady titicara has now arrived in Uk.
After a long flight, she has settled in well, at her new home In south England, run by Dominic Lane. We visited Anzac alpacas when we were over there in Febuary, and we welcomed by Dominic, who originates from Tasmania.
At this stage she is destined for ALPACALANDGOED in Belgium.
Primera who currently resides in England, is due to deliver her cria to Cambridge Killawaski, on 9th october, 2008.
Whilst her previous cria, English ROse, is being tested to complete a health certificate so she can go to Belgium as well.
English rose will go over in the next 2 weeks, whilst Primera will go once she has her cria, and then she and cria will be tested for the english health movement tests, of TB, and Brucellosis.
Primera has had her two vaccinations for BT, and then she will go to Belgium as well.
The farm she is to go to, is ALPACALANDGOED approx. 1.5 hrs from Brusssels. Yvonne Steinlet & her husband has 13 alpacas, and looking to a very bright future of alpaca breeding.
We are very glad the alpacas are going to Yvonne's farm, as she is an experienced and established breeder.
Yvonne will start doing a judging course soon in the UK.
We hope one day to go back to Belgium, but this time spend more time and visit her farm.
Congratulations Yvonee and her husband, we look forward to a long and happy friendship.


Michael & Sonia Coleman, at MaryKnoll, already have two pet male alpacas, Coheed, which their boys have renamed to "Purple", and Jigaru white suri male their boys have named Curly.

They thought it would be good to have another, and Milo was selected off the website.

Milo has since also been sold, but his brother Joey who was just a shade lighter was selected.

We delivered Joey on Tuesday.

He will have a great home there, and already seems to have fitted in well.

Coheed became very amorous, but he has settled down.

Congratulations Mark & Sonia


A photo of when Grandeur was born, he is now almost 18 months old, and Jenny and graham Atkinson, came and picked him up yesterday, as one of their future stud males.
Sired by Avalanche, One of the few Sculptor 2 male offspring.
Of course Sculptor 2 is now at Joy Whiteheads farm in Uk, called Bozedown alpacas.
we were lucky enough to meet Joy finally.
We have sent a few of her alpacas over to the Uk, and it is nice to meet the people who you deal with for many years.
Her aughter,Claire Whitehead, is one of England's most accomplished alpaca vets.
She also leads research, and a great asset the the english alpaca industry.
Congratulations, Graham and jenny, and Rob, Elyse and i wish you lots of luck in your future with grandeur

Our New Car

Last weekend we decided to move up in the space of our current car.
So we went to our local car dealer, Bruce Clough Motors, in Nar Nar goon, when my husband, Rob spied this beautiful green Ford Territory.
One test drive and Rob was wrapped.
We went back, and Bruce and Paul Clough were so helpful.
And the deal was made.
I picked up our new car yesterday and Elyse was so wrapped.
SHe says when she has paid her car off, she will trade it in on a Territory also.
Bruce Clough motors, Nar Nar Goon, are mazda dealers, but they sell their trade-ins, and so they never have to go to the wholesalers.
They were extremely helpful, and we were delighted.
Rob took the car for a spin last night, and he was really pleased.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

a day at the National alpaca show-day 1

We wake up pretty early in the morning, approx 5.30am, we have rented the rooms at a lovely motel for 5 days, It took us 9 hours drive to get to Canberra, a long drive, as most of it has been in the dark, as i had so much work to complete before i left, that i did not finish my work until 2 om.

We were planning on leaving at 9am, it has been such a long day. So by the time we unloaded the vans and trailers, it was past midnight.

Rob followed us up, as we had to pick up a boy for the next quarantine. All the packing of the show gear into the trailer, was left up to Elyse.

The grooming and halter training of the alpacas was also left to Elyse.

Rob had to clean the quarantines and prepare the feed for the next day, as my other children (adult kids), were feeding and checking on the alpacas for me, whilst Rob was gone the 24 hrs.

Also finishing the alterations that needed at the quarantine facility, which took Rob hours as well.

We lead very busy lives, and there is not one second of the day that is not taken up with the alpacas in one way or the other.

We get up and have a very quick morning drink, whilst we get ready to go to the showgrounds.

It is literly 5 mins away which is really handy.

My car is starting to play up, which is really odd, as this car has been fantastic.

As usual over night with all the alpacas in the shed, the condensation from the steel roofing, and the alpacas breathing, the alpacas are very damp in the mornings.

Some worse than others.

it seems the finer the fleeces, the more these fleeces seem to soak up the moisture.

So the idea is to get the alpacas out in the freash air, pray for a little wind, and sunshine, which we were out of luck.

We take them for a walk, and as they relax and enjoy the walk, hopefully with the aid of the breeze, their fleeces start to dry off.

You really do pray for sunshine, as the moisture takes away the density they would normally feel, and nothing like sunshine to do this.
It is zero degrees, and so, so cold, i tralk them for a walk for about an hour, and then i hook them along a fence line, so they can just relax and enjoy the outdoors.
It seems to be getting colder, and after another 1 hour, i take them in.
Meanwhile, our friends, Jenny and Graham come, and Graham, cleans out our pen, he is such a nice guy.
Jenny and i walk a little longer, whilst the pens are cleaned out.
Then we go in and have a coffee and a hot chocolate.
Then it is a day of showing.
Usually many breeders network on these occassions, and we also catch up with old friends, ones we only see at major shows.
It is wuite a good tme, and this goes on for 3 days of showing.
They are long days, usually packing up anything after 8pm -9pm of night, and early morning as well.
On the last day, there was a general meeting, and junior judging, then the auction animals are paraded around.
Some of the videos for this is on my you tube, link below.
a very tiresome time.

Alpaca Nationals _ Canberra

It has been a while since my last Blog, but the paperwork trails are long when doing exports.

I have been very busy gathering the required declarations.

Studying New protocols of countries we can export alpacas to.

Further Negotiations with officials, and in between time, trying to keep up with organising all my sponsorships. Organising flights for the current and future shipments.

Keeping my webiste current, and trying to take photos of the alpacas, when it has not been raining.

We have also been adjusting the quarantine station, for better handling.

Rob, as seen here, has been a great support for me, meeting my wishes, with any alterations deemed necessary for more smooth handling.

I have also great support from Elyse who is my right hand man.
Nothing can get done without her help in some way.
She deserves more, as she gives her most at all times.
Whilst we were away, Rob looked after both quarantines, which made it possible for us to display the quality we are producing.
Thanks Elyse and Rob