Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Busy time

What a busy time, NZ alpacas in Quarantine, with testing full under way, renewing my Exporters Licence, which is always difficult, they are making it harder and harder, everyone says, but exporting livestock is so, so important. So everything is analysed and analysed, and analysed, but finally, my licences was renewed, and this time to include sheep.
In between time, i have been studying the Chinese protocol, and diseases that is involved in this protocol, for Sheep.
it has been 6 years since this type of sheep has been exported to China, and protocols change all the time. Speaking to experts in the field of these diseases being tested, talking to the chinese importer, and just updating paperwork, has taken a huge amount of my time.
Meanwhile the Canadian alpacas are doing really well, and we have in line another hipment to start going through to Canada, and will start their isolation in January.
The current NZ shipment is going really well, we have had to get some of the males in this shipment certified, as you can see above Bamdolero being checked for male certification. He is on his way the Belgium. Our summer has not really hit here, and so we are start to get days on mid 20's, but rain, so much rain, our driveway now is at the bottom of the hill, and there are big rutts in the driveway we have to be so careful driving up it. We had been waiting for our hay to be cut. The paddocks have been locked up, the grass is to the top of the fences, and we were already to cut the hay, but the rake broke on a previous property.
So dissappointment there, although they were coming today, the machines are here, but moe rain today, so it is put off until tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

Send some rain our way..they forecast showers but we dont seem to get them so I will take some of yours :)