Saturday, March 14, 2009

Statement arrives in UK

Those in the Uk looking for a superb quality lt fawn, almost med fawn male, should consider Mariah Hill Statement.

Sired by Jolimont Stefano, MH Statement, displays a vey even fleecewith high frequency crimp, even bundles across his body.

Mic 17.2 SD3.7 CV 21.8 Comf f 100 sp f 16.8 date tested 25/09/06
17.6 3.4 19.4 99.9 15.8 20/10/07

16.8 3.4 20.3 100 16.2 5/08/08

This male displays his genetic potential to pass onto the next generation.

His babies on the ground have been identifal to himself, andsuperb in quality

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