Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back to NSW

We had to go down to Geelong on Sunday deliver some alpacas to a new breeder.
All enthusiastic with his new purchase, and he said he will be back for more.
Whilst on the road, we decided in stead of driving up tomorrow to NSW, we would start heading off on Sunday afternoon, seeing we were about 1 1/2 hours already on the way, it would save time in the morning, especially through peak hour traffic, as at the moment in the middle of the city, they have changed traffic conditions, due to a new bridge being opened to help filter traffic across Bolte and Westgate bridge.
The traffic jams have been horrendous, especially i had to go through them the last couple of days to pick up and drop Paul Valleley off at the airport, because of the fleece workshops.
So we made our way to Holbrooke, to meet a fellow alpaca breeder to pick up a male from them for a future quarantine.
It meant that for 36 hours i had no access to emails, computers, so it was very peaceful, to unwind, which is good for a break.
Sometimes you wish you do not have to come home.

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