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pets2-other-100pxBanixx™ is the product of choice for many types of pets.  Although many health care products developed for dogs and cats are unsuitable for other animals, not so with Banixx™.  Banixx™ has even been used successfully on Alpacas, Goats, Show Steers, Goats and Reptiles.
Visit our case studies (below) for real-life studies and check out our FAQs for more information.

Quick Healing for Goat Ear Injury!

Goat Ear Injury - After Banixx!Nicole McAleer of Midland, GA, provided this feedback:
"Last summer my goat decided to try and crawl under the chain link fence. We are not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow in her attempt to pull back (when she realized she couldn't get under the fence) she got her ear caught in the fence. She tore the skin where her ear attaches to her head.
The wound was 3-4 inches long and deep enough for me to put the first 2 joints of my finger in it to clean it. We scrubbed the wound with betadine scrub to be sure it was clean and then after that we sprayed it with Banixx 2 times per day.
After 1 week, it was healing wonderfully and after 2 weeks you could barely see a scar. Even if you are looking for it the scar is hard to see!"

Many Uses for Alpacas

Photo by Luna Sky AlpacasPhoto by Luna Sky AlpacasDeb Hart of Luna Sky Alpacas provided this feedback:
"We have been using Banixx successfully on fly bites - it has been great! We have a yearling female who occasionally gets crusty lips from eating too much clover ... after using Banixx, the mouth is clearing up, and Banixx seems to be doing the trick again!"
(photos by Luna Sky Alpacas)

Sheep - Severe Laceration

Please Note: The following pictures may not be suitable for more sensitive viewers.

In this Case Study, a sheep (pregnant with twins) was attacked by an over-zealous sheep dog. Initial observations called for euthanasia. However, the farmer’s daughter had Banixx™ Wound & Hoof Care on hand, so thought she might attempt to save the pregnant sheep. These photos show, first, the sheep laying on her back, just after her injury. In the second photo, after just 3 days, immense healing has taken place, although, due to stress, she did “absorb” one unborn lamb. The third photo shows her injury just 3 weeks later! In the final photo, the sheep is nursing a healthy lamb!!!
Sheep Case Study - Banixx applied to severe wound Sheep Case Study - Banixx

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