Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alpaca Nationals _ Canberra

It has been a while since my last Blog, but the paperwork trails are long when doing exports.

I have been very busy gathering the required declarations.

Studying New protocols of countries we can export alpacas to.

Further Negotiations with officials, and in between time, trying to keep up with organising all my sponsorships. Organising flights for the current and future shipments.

Keeping my webiste current, and trying to take photos of the alpacas, when it has not been raining.

We have also been adjusting the quarantine station, for better handling.

Rob, as seen here, has been a great support for me, meeting my wishes, with any alterations deemed necessary for more smooth handling.

I have also great support from Elyse who is my right hand man.
Nothing can get done without her help in some way.
She deserves more, as she gives her most at all times.
Whilst we were away, Rob looked after both quarantines, which made it possible for us to display the quality we are producing.
Thanks Elyse and Rob

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