Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lady titicata

Lady titicara has now arrived in Uk.
After a long flight, she has settled in well, at her new home In south England, run by Dominic Lane. We visited Anzac alpacas when we were over there in Febuary, and we welcomed by Dominic, who originates from Tasmania.
At this stage she is destined for ALPACALANDGOED in Belgium.
Primera who currently resides in England, is due to deliver her cria to Cambridge Killawaski, on 9th october, 2008.
Whilst her previous cria, English ROse, is being tested to complete a health certificate so she can go to Belgium as well.
English rose will go over in the next 2 weeks, whilst Primera will go once she has her cria, and then she and cria will be tested for the english health movement tests, of TB, and Brucellosis.
Primera has had her two vaccinations for BT, and then she will go to Belgium as well.
The farm she is to go to, is ALPACALANDGOED approx. 1.5 hrs from Brusssels. Yvonne Steinlet & her husband has 13 alpacas, and looking to a very bright future of alpaca breeding.
We are very glad the alpacas are going to Yvonne's farm, as she is an experienced and established breeder.
Yvonne will start doing a judging course soon in the UK.
We hope one day to go back to Belgium, but this time spend more time and visit her farm.
Congratulations Yvonee and her husband, we look forward to a long and happy friendship.

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