Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not even the weather knows what it is doing

I was doing a search on the internet, and found this.
the heading says it all as the weather map seems to show a big Question mark.
It intrigued me, as we were in Winnipeg when this weather pattern was happening, and this is from the weatherman's blog in Winnipeg-Canada.
Speaking to people all over the world.
the weather patterns are really changing.
This year for us, it was the hottest summer on record in Melbourne.
The hottest day on record was also recorded.
On our farm, as i was rounding up the alpacas on the bad day Black Saturday, 7th Feb, my car temp, recorded 52 degrees, but we had weeks of 45 degrees plus. a night mare.
We had the wort fire on record, in Victoria, and they say the worst natural disaster in Australia's history- the fires. a real nightmare.
I personally congratulate any of the people involved in looking after the community at that time, and the fire fighters can only be described as heroes.
We went from that to the coldest winter on record in Canada, and then the wettest as the snow melt, producing the worst floods on record, video clip below.
It basically has not stopped raining in canada, meaning they could not get their normal crops in, and it snowed again, and they really have not had much of a summer.
I talk to New Zealand, who have had huge amount of rain storms, with near tornados, repoprted, electricity lines down, boats in this beautiful protected harbour smashed to piees, and huge amount of rain on a daily basis.
Uk people there have had huge amount of rain over their summer months.
Here it is our winter, but we have had rain, but not as much as usual.
The weather is definately changing.
i hope the weather in your part of the world, is gorgeous, and just what you want.

What is so weird to Rob and I is going to these places, that have no water problems.
When we were speaking to someone, and they asked about the fires, they said to us, why did we not put prinklers on.
We said we are not allowed to, there is not enough water, and we could not fight the fires if we want to, and yet, we go to NZ, Canada, and UK and they have so much water.
We can see why the USA can support the population they have, everywhere we went, in USA and Canada, (mind you we only went through 6 states all up, but there were lakes everywhere, water everywhere, and huge lakes.
The rain fall, they get, and what NZ are getting, compared to what Australia gets is enormous.
Our dams, are not even half full.
We ourselves are probably one of the best farms as far as rainfall, because of the minerals in our small mountain from the extinct volcano, a cloud goes past, and it rains, it rains a fair bit here on the mountain, (our mountain is the smallest in Australia of 112 ft but it is still called a mountain, because it is granite filled). But most of australia, is in drought, our dams are so low. This is the 11th year of drought, i have been counting, as one day years ago, an old farmer said droughts move in 7 year cycles, but this drought has prooved him wrong.

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