Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whaiheke Island Ferry Terminal New Zealand

As usual, the message is, when you get on the ferry, let me know and i will be there when the boat gets in.

No Mobile coverage....and could not get messages through, and visa versa.

I think you could agree what a spot to be waiting at.

It is the first time I have stopped doing anything for i cannot remember, i have been non stop working since we got back from Canada.
I actually stopped and Rob and I had a drink, and in these surroundings you cannot help but start to unwind.

We walked along the pier, and watched a couple that was so comical.
they were taking a little row boat out to their boat moared in the quiet bay.

A man helkped them down to the water, as they seem to be just having so much trouble.
Just a little boat, as he hopped in, as she went to hop in, her husband had not let it stay still for her, so she almost does the splits as the man on the dock ran to save her.
The shops in the row boat, and then of course, the act of trying to keep the boat upright was very comical, as they both went mad at each other.
Finally they both sat down, but back to back, which looked odd, but was even odder, as they both rowed their might away, and they just kept going in circles.
Then they stopped, went mad at each other, and then both rowed in the opposite direction, so the ciracle went in the opposite direction, it was just so funny, but they were so serious, eventurally both sat facing the same way, buit they still were the most un co ordinated couple, as they zig zagged across the water finally reaching their boat, and both almost falling in the water again.

We laughed so much.

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