Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A quick trip to Blue mountains Sydney

A quick trip to the blue mountains in Sydney to pick up more alpaca stuff.
As usual, by the time we get to our motel, it is too dark to know what the area was like, so what a delight to wake up to in the morning..
a beautiful undeveloped spot called Narooma, on the Southern NSW coast, absolutely breath taking.
Then we weaved our way across the escarpment, (blue mountains), and on top of the tight bending road, you are welcomed to a pleasurable little Village called, Kangaroo Gully, a beautiful little unspoiled part of Paradise. We had a bit to eat at a small Bakery, and over the road was this gorgeous old pub.
The day finished in Mt Victoria, just near Katoomba, we did not get a chance to see the three sisters, but the views from this area are so spectacular, looking down on glowing orange cliff faces peeking through towering forests, along the steep sides of the Blue mountains, towering over lush pastures and farmland in the Gully and flats.
From this point you could see over the entire area, of farms, small villages, and meandering creeks glistening in the sunset.
A spectacular spot, even for the 5 minutes we could stop, and appreciate our beautiful country.
Again, three days of driving, bringing us back through the outskirts of Sydney.
It was a delight when we reached the Hume Hwy, to see most of the Freeway roadworks almost completed, and skipping through the new route amongst rolling hills, and farmland, cutting out at least 1/2 hr of driving just before ALbury.
The road is a much safer road now, with now an extra couple hundred kms of double lanes now, instead of that dangerous single road.
Hardly any traffic, no trucks, pleasant weather.
Although totally stressed with all the logistics i have to go through, ROb, took away my BLackberry, for the day, and bought me a ball of wool, some knitting needles and a pattern to Knit my daughter, Lauren a pair of bootties and a little cap, for her new baby due in Feb 2010.
Our first grandchild. I have not sat and kitted for at least 10 years, and i must admitt, as i was counting stitches all the time, it did take me away for a few hours, from the endless emails, of complications that always arise with exporting, and trying to please everyone.
When i got hom, they were all waiting for me.
But as ROb said, they had to sort it out without me, which they did, as these problems were their problems.
As they know i will always help them, i seem to get it, solve it, and everything goes on.
Anyway, everything was smoothed out in the end, and i did have those few hours which was pretty relaxing in the end.

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