Saturday, August 15, 2009

Still bearing complications of Peru

Almost 5 years down the track, my trip to Peru, still bearing the scars.
Blood clots obtained in Peru through altitude, still mystifies the doctors.
From time to time i still feel the effects of the pulmonary embolism, and it knocks you completely.
i have been told to rest up for a few days, no stress, well i do not know how i can dodge that, and try to keep off the computer.
Well, i am resting.
For those contemplating going to Peru, please be careful, the altitude is something to consider, and know where some english speaking hospitals are before you go.
I thought having a physical and been given the all clear was enough.
But ending up in a hospital, that no one speaks english, is not a great position to be in, when delivered by ambulance, attached to drips, and oxygen and no one at the hospital knows why.
But most of all, please have travellers insurance, because without that, the hospital was going to through myself and my daughter on the streets of lima, unless i put up $US20,000 cash up front, as a deposit.
I just do not carry that type of money !!!!!!!
be careful if travelling in Peru

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