Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flesh eating disease or Cellulitis? PT3

It was a shock to hear this spoken to me, and the urgency of the situation was apparant, arriving at Dandenong Hospital, they rushed me to an area, where three surgeons all dressed up in the operating gear.
The theatre is ready says another coming into the room.
All surgeons looked studied my leg, and discussed in their medical terms, went off and had a meeting.
They came back about 10 mins later to explain, that at this stage they will not operate, but will see if the leg responds to another type of treatment.
Still question marks, but in their opinion most likely one of the worst cases of cellulitis they have seen, but they were keeping their minds open.
What a relief.
It is said that i had caught a staph infection, in the fluid that had pooled in my legs, because of the heart not being able to pump the blood up.
They start debriding the "sluff", which is scraping as much off as they can, as they wanted to see how far down under all the skin levels this infection was, as if it hits the bone, again, the question of my leg becomes no option.
No matter how many pain killers i was on, it did not prepare me for the debridding.
4 and a half weeks go past, with many specialist, infectious disease experts, wounds experts, even the experts that dealt with the black saturday fire burns victims, were there trying out different type of wound bandaging, and theories, as this was not responding to any treatment at all.
Meanwhile, i had acute renal failure, and was loosing blood, so in total 6 blood transfusions, and iron transfusions, and a mountain of other things, as each day a new drama exposed itself.
Finally, a lady plastic surgeon, came in, with a new thoery, which kept my leg, satuated, for three days, with complete different type of wound dressings, and it started to turn around.
Meanwhile, a new baby in the household, my daughter needed me at home, my husband was exhausted, working, looking after the farm, and then driving 2 hours each way each day to visit me.
I could not take any more, i said to the doctors i have to get home i cannot stay any longer, my family needs me.
Only if i can get hospital in the home, can i go home, this took another 3 days to organise, and only that the wound was now starting, very slowly show signs of improvement, could i go home finally.
I did not realise though, when i came home, i thought i would be like i was before i got sick, but there has been more recouperating since.
Thanks to the brilliant staff at Casey and Dandenong hospital.

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