Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Has Happened? PT2

Lying in Hospital, it all makes sense to the doctors.
The damaged lungs from Peru, have lost a third each of their capacity, and have scars, and are not functioning well enough to provide enough oxygen to the heart.
The Right side of the heart fails, i have fluid around the heart, and lungs, as the heart cannot pump it enough.
A couple of weeks prior to this, i had been commenting on how my feet and ankles were swelling up, and were very painful, un beknown to me, this is a sign.The doctors blame the warfarin, which actually saved me this time, but the warfarin, has made my blood too thin, and the heart is not strong enough to pump the blood up.
I am in Casey Hospital in Berwick, a new hospital, not far from home.
I do not feel well.
I feel horrible, and i point out the swelling in my feet to the registrar.
She feels my left leg, she said your leg is warm.
The next day, my leg is getting hotter.
but i am too sick to worry about this, they are stablising my blood pressure and temperature.
The next day, my leg is burning, and is the brightest red you could imagine, from the knee down to the ankle.
It now has swallen about 3 times the size it used to be.It is so painful, i am on the highest painkillers they could give me.
My leg was cooking from the inside out, and before long the skin is now shiny, then starts blistering.
It is so painful, i cannot move, i cannot walk, and i still feel bad.
The next day, this horrible yellow growth looks like it is on my leg, what is it, it seems to be covering my leg as you look. (picture above can give you an idea, this picture is what it was like when it had started to improve, and when i left hospital.)
What is this thing, it now covers my whole lower leg, it is burning, so much, it is explained to me, my leg is cooking itself from the inside out.
The specialists are called in, and a number of drugs are ordered, and after 3 more days, when this horrible growth looking thing is getting thicker, and blistering itself, more drugs are ordered.
Then, the doctor comes to me, around 2 pm, and explains to me, that they are unsure of what i have.
It has been suggested that it is cellulitis, but it is not responding to all the normal drugs, or treatment.
It also has been hinted that this could be the flesh eating disease, and that i will be moved to a larger city hospital, for the plastic surgeons to view it.
They said if confirmed they have to cut everything out, and more around, possibly loose my leg, it is a very fast eating disease, and at the worst, i would have 48 hrs, and with that, they raced me, to have a couple of cat scans, as the ambulance men wait for me to take me to the bigger city hospital.

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Knapper Alpakka said...

You have a really hard time. Be tough, Raelene. We are thinking of you, and hope you get better really soon.