Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jesse is now home from Hospital

(This is the famous Ronald McDonald statue at the Royal CHildrens Hospital)

How sad to see our beautiful 7 week old grandson in hospital,
but things did not seem to be going right.
The Royal Childrens Hospital, in Melbourne, is one of the best in the world.
The help My daughter Lauren received, advice, and assistance was second to none.
I was in everyday through that horrible city traffic, but making sure that all was right, and giving her a break.
He is now home and contented, and now putting on weight.
Thanks to all those at the Royal Childrens Hospital.
I would like to say he was in hospital over easter with the Good Friday apeal, and stars of Australias Home and Away, some other stars, all gave their time, and said hello to all patients, big and small.
Jesse got to meet Ronald McDonald in person.
Lauren said he was about 8 ft tall, or seemed that high, and little Jesse's eyes widened as if to say, what is that.
Ronald McDonald, asked Lauren how old he was, and she said he will be 8 weeks on Saturday, so Ronald McDonald sang Happy *th week Birthday to you, and at the end he said.
The world is a btter place Jesse for having you in ti.
It was really great for these people to donate their time, to raise money for the hospital.
Thank you, and I agree, The world is a better place with little jesse.

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