Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The passing of an ERA

It was a sad easter this year, as our other original Peruvian import Stud Male, Cristiano was euthanaised as he was just too old.
He still was seen mating until two days prior to his passing, and he was looking good, then One day, he just did not want to live, he was depressed, he had been showing signs of old age for a while, but he just did not want to do anything.
Was not interested in anything at all, and so we placed him in a holding area close to the house so we can keep watch of him.
We thought he would fade in his own time, but Elyse especially could not sit and see him just fade.
It was decided to euthanaise him, as he could have probably just gone on for a couple of days, and he was not interested in eating or anything.
He did make around 19.5 years old, which we think is a good innings, and our vet when he came, said we had made the right dicision.
Cristiano, weas imported in 1995 from the Alianza Old Peruvian group, in the first Jolimont Peruvian shipment to arrive in Australia.
Cristiano, progeny are around the world, and we are proud to say he has been a huge influence on our breeding along with the other stud males, Stefano, Patche', and Vallon, for our consistancy in ultrafine, dense and highly lustrious fleeces.
The Stefano / Cristiano crosses were reconised as a great combination, producing high frequency, highly lustrious fleeces.
His progency were the first reconised fleeces to measure the highest primary to secondary ratio, (SRS talk), and this record was kept for many years (tested through the mountains of Peru, chile, and also through Europe and Australia, when this record was first announced approx 1998) until the past couple of years.
We are so proud to carry his genetics, and have males sired by him to carry on his name.
Thanks Cristiano for your friendship, and all the babies you produced us, the champions you sired, and the future champions carrying your genetics.
A beautiful spot was dug by Elyse herself, with the help of Leesa, Andrew's fiance, he has a beautiful resting spot beside your friend Stefano, with a beautiful plant to mark your special place.
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