Friday, August 6, 2010

Diseases recognised that Alpacas can contract

VLA Miscellaneous Exotic and Farmed
Species Expert Group
South American Camelids
Veterinary Information Sheet
Aide memoire for the diagnosis of
common disease syndromes

These differential diagnoses are not an exclusive list.

Other conditions may be involved and the results of

any tests must take into account the history including

feeding regime and clinical signs.
Condition Main differential diagnoses Samples
Skin disease
Parasites (Chorioptes, Psoroptes
scabies, Demodex, harvest mites, lice)
Abscesses / CLA
Dermatophytosis / ringworm
Orf (uncommon)
*Superficial and deep skin scrapes and hair plucks
from number of sites especially interdigital areas

* Deep swab or tissue sample by biopsy for culture
Hair pluck and skin scale for culture

* Fresh moist crust and scale with hair pluck for
cytology and culture

Formalin-fixed and fresh skin tissue samples for
histopathology and electron microscopy
Formalin-fixed skin tissue

Salmonellosis, Campylobacter, BVD,
neosporosis, opportunist bacteria,
Chlamydophila, toxoplasmosis,
leptospirosis, Brucella,
causes are not common
In all cases: fetus, placenta and maternal serum

Ill-thrift / weight loss
Trace element deficiency (rare except
Worms / coccidia
Liver fluke
Johne's disease (uncommon)
Clinical examination (radiography)
Plasma / serum for PCR and SNT respectively
Plasma and serum (EDTA for haematology with Cu)
Assess diet and history - serum, EDTA, heparin,
Ox-F bloods may help to rule out other primary
Faeces and serum for liver enzymes
Discharging sinus from subcutaneous lymph node;
carcase – ZN, histopathology, culture
Faeces (ZN smear, culture & PCR) and serum
(AGIDT - Limited sensitivity)
Alimentary Disease
Young stock
Coccidia, parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE),
cryptosporidia, rotavirus, coronavirus,
Salmonella, E. coli
Faeces for routine parasitology and culture as
Liver fluke / PGE / coccidia
Gastric ulcer
Hepatic lipidosis

Faeces (and serum for liver enzymes) for
No specific tests. Faeces, serum, EDTA, heparin
and Ox-F bloods to rule out other disease
Carcase, liver histopathology, serum, Ox-F blood
June 2010


This link can be viewed from the

i congratulate the Tb group in Uk, who keep everyone well informed.

But vitally important is to reconise which diseases Alpacas are susceptible.

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