Monday, August 2, 2010

First shipment of Alpacas to arrive in Ireland through Alternative Route



It said it could not be done…….WHY….I say

Well, it has been done, and as if perfectly planned, as we now can honestly say we do have the alternative route through to Uk, Europe, via Canada now completing the export link

Cargolux, was the main freighter that connected Australia, New Zealand, to Europe.

and now that has now closed off the Australia, New Zealand connection.

Bout 2 years ago, there were two shipments a week we could choose from to send animals to NZ, but when this was reduced to one shipment a week, it alerted me to think forward, as if this shipment was stopped, then there would be animals stranded in NZ.

In looking through our options, whilst also not disbanding the negotiations for direct route through to Eu, via other ways, i knew there were other ways and these needed to be explored.

This is now proven, and i have now many options open to me, so that not only do i have 4 ports to depart from, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, but we can deliver direct to Heathrow, Glass glow, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Zurich and a little cheaper than going via New Zealand, with more relaxed protocols than going through New Zealand.

This is a proven route, and animals are now arrived this weekend looking really refreshed, with their journey to Ireland.

Alot of logistics involved, but i have had great support from the Australian AQIS and Australian Biosecurity, Canadian Quarantine Officials, and a great team of organisers from my freight forwarders, and receivers.

We offer this service to all Europeans, and English.

We are so excited as this is another achievement and first for the team at Mariah Hill.