Friday, April 1, 2011

Benefits of living on a Hill

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After recent floods, it is more evident the advantages of your farm being on higher land.

Although we always said, if we flooded i would hate to be on lowland.

The last thing we thought of was that we could flood on top of a hill.

Well yes, our hill was a waterfall, and all the water funnelling into our laneways and driveway, which made a gushing river, flowing so fast.

Where the laneways met from a couple of directions, this caused an even stronger effect on the water, almost like you see water being expelled from the dam wall.

On the lower end of our road, dam walls were bursting, and so the effect of all the water from the hills and the dam, this caused the road into a torrent of water.

This I know is only small compared to those who suffered up north, and one who has not experienced the flooding we saw, it is hard to understand.

The after effects of a flood, is what people do not think about.

On a farm, it is the first thing you think about.

After the waters disappear, yes you have a clean up, you have to monitor all animals, as stress levels can be delayed on different animals, after experiences they have gone through.

Eumonia, young cria, any late pregnant female under this stress can abort, or deliver a very prem cria.

Monitoring every animal, is essential, not just the initial days after.

Then the water disperses, and it makes it’s own way through properties.

Along with it, any faeces, worms (parasites), run off from neighbouring farms.

This runoff, you do not know.

Weeds, plants, pests (insects), and diseases which will establish themselves in new areas.

Top soil has washed itself downstream, along with plant, and animal matter from miles away.

This is an ideal way for biosecurity threats including plant, pests, diseases and weeds to spread.

This is the time to be vigilant and adhere to basic hygiene principles.

The water lying around is perfect environment for mosquitos, and they carry so many deadly diseases.

When we visited Mildura recently, the radio said that Ross River fever spread by mosquitos, was spreading with hundreds of people affected within the first few weeks.

There are many arbovirus diseases spread by mosquitos, that effect our farm animals and wildlife.

Luckily for our farm, this is more in the warmer zones than down here, although i have heard up north NSW, disease zones have now moved south because of the flood waters.

Back to the topic of this Blog.

Our farm became an island, although our laneways and driveway did become a raging river, for many hours, the water did disperse down to the lower lands of farms lower than us.

Being on the highland, importantly we did not get that wash, loss of topsoil, or diseases, animal matter and weed seeds run onto our property.

We have always lived on a hill….hence Mariah Hill, even though we were attracted to hills.

Q Alpaca, also was developed so that farms could recognize biosecurity threats, and have plans in action for this.

Living on top of a hill has huge advantages.

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