Friday, April 1, 2011

Miniature Alpacas

I just received a phone call today with an enquiry for Miniature Alpacas.

I was disturbed when the lady told m she has been told that you can buy Miniature alpacas.

There may be breeders who dispute this statement I am about to make, and which I told this lady.

There are no Miniature alpacas.

Any miniature alpaca is usually due to Failure to Thrive, and or a heart complaint.

It is my advice not to pursue either selling or purchasing miniature alpacas, as they will bring heartbreak to the new owners.

Failure to thrive can affect any species, there is no cure or remedy.

The cria usually develops ok until they have just been weaned, and then they just do not thrive. Again, it usually is because of a heart defect, and this animal will always die young.

The heart will only be able to pump enough blood until the cria is so big, and then it cannot pump enough for it to grow any more.

It is heart breaking for the owner of the cria, who has put a lot of effort, and love into the cria.

Although the cria will have quality of life, in my opinion, it is unwise to sell any smallish alpaca, unless it has been checked out by a vet first to confirm that the cria is totally healthy.

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