Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MIck dore

THe property we live on was one of the Original farming properties of Victoria.
When it was settled, in 1841, this area was NSW and in 1851 when they separated Victoria away from NSW, this was the largest operating farm in Victoria at the time.
The family was the Dore family.
In 1851, they were then offered to purchase the land, as previously, they only leased the freehold, as that is how it was done in the early settlement days in Australia.
Mick Dore was the son of the original settler John Dore.
this tree is outside the old house, which my son Andrew is buying and has made home for him his fiance and his expected daughter in August 2011.
The Dore family imigrated from Ireland during the potatoe famine.
Don't you just love the dog in the tree behind Mick, and also his beautiful blue eyes.

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