Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lardner Park Show

Another show, we have to prepare for, the same group as last show, except 5 extras all brand new at shows, and again just off their mums.

Again, high quality classes, large numbers, but still we were in there.

The ones that did not win ribbons only just lost out, and we walked home with 1 1st, 3 seconds, and 5 thirds.

It has been absolutely freezing, of a morning, and Saturday was no exception,

although the sun was out, it was near Zero, and they are saying that it will be snowing at 400 mts, which means it is pretty cold.

We have just had some alpacas arrive for the next group to go into Quarantine.

Rob has been busy this week with his VIP landscaping, but has to plan his days around the weather.

We have had so much rain, are dams are filling up, and there are streams in our paddocks, funning from one dam to another, in the 15 years we have here, we have never seen this.

We have very poorous volcanic soil on this farm, exceptional soil, unique to our hill in the area, just in front of our small bump of a hill, is Mt Ararat which is an extinct
lcano, and so, our hill is the fall out of this old volcano. We have some very nice friends, that have a gorgeous daughter called Sam, who loves showing alpacas. Sam was kind enough to show a couple of alpacas for us, she is a future alpaca breeder and loves Elyse.

Our farm, is a very productive farm because of the volcanic soil, downside, is a very red stain through our snow white fleeces, up side, we always have rain, (the volcanic sil attracts the rain clouds, and no cloud goes over us without raining. Which means we do have excellent pasture growth.

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