Saturday, August 2, 2008

off tomorrow to another show

Hi, i have not had time to write in for a while.

My life is just so busy, i really do not get a lot of spare time to write.

Since i have last written, we had sent the last group of alpacas off to New Zealand.

The shipment was very successful.

Already arranging a new group to start in 10 days time.

I have been to the Sheep & Wool Show in Bendigo, which was so so cold.

We did obtain a 3rd with Xstatic, a med fawn female weanling, she is very nice.

Very large alpaca classes. It is one of the largest sheep shows in Australia, i think this weekend we are going to the largest in Australia at Hamilton, which will be a 4 day show, but by the time a day drive there and back, it is a long time to be away from home.

We enjoy going to these shows, we meet our alpaca friends, we see from show to show.

We are taking 6 alpacas i think, i went to get the list, and the ones i want to take i did not enter, so we will see.

We have a few shows lined up.

Very hectic trying to organise all the advertising, the show entries and trying to keep up with everything.

I checked the herd this afternoon with the anticipation to check out some of the progeny fleeces, and i am so pleased with out breeding.

We have definately increased density with some alpacas being as dense as sheep.

Crimp, luster, and they are growing well this year.

It has been a cold year, and we have had plenty of rain.

We also had to nick up to Woolongong to pick up a vehicle.

so a plane trip to Sydney and about a 3 hr train trip, as we had to change trains, To Woolongon, i thought it was cold here, it is colder there.

Then it took us 2 1/2 days to drive back, the first night we stayed at Bermagui, and then we had to do some on road repairs we were at mallacoota at the time, so we had a break for lunch.
It was a lovely spot.
Then a couple of days ago, we were invited to Crookwell NSW, (un known to us, it was over 9 hours drive away, to a meeting, we missed the meeting, but the presenters stayed and gave us the presentation.
As we are breeding ultra fine fleeces, we have been invited to sell our fleeces to the Ultra Bale, which we are very happy to be selected.
Since i have been back, it has been to the grindstone, as i work through three different countires protocols.
i have so much work.
I will most likely speak again when i get back.
stay cool!!!!

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