Wednesday, August 13, 2008

export for canada approved

Well, i have been working hard on a new protocol for exporting alpacas to Canada.

which is a first in something like 14 years.

A new marketplace, and i am just so pleased to be able to open this marketplace up.

It was a battle to get canda opened, but i had some good advice on how to go about opening up protocols.

There are alot of enquiries at the moment for many countries.

I gave a large quote yesterday for a plane load of alpacas to china, keep our fingers crossed, i hope it comes off.

Another two quotes today given out for China, for a tourist trade, and i am working on a protocol for Taiwan at the moment.

New market places, whilst still trying to work on new marketplaces in Europe.

I have been communicating with a lovely lady from Belguim.

Alpacas do make this world a small world.
I am so wrapped to have got this protocol through, as i was told that i had buckleys, but i followed my instinct.
I know this protocol is needed for Australian alpaca, and for Canadian alpaca breeders.
I have not heard back yet from my Canadian, but i am sure she is celebrating.
I hope the effort means it is the first of many shipments to come.

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