Friday, January 15, 2010

My Heros

I am so proud of my husband and daughter Elyse.

During the day, my husband and ELyse also does mowing , landscaping etc, and this morning a man came to them during a job and asked them to do his lawn.

Naturally Rob 7 Elyse went over and started to do it.

The man in his 80's had a suspected heart attack about 2 weeks ago apparantly, but signed himself out of hospital.

Whilst Rob was talking to him, he noticed his eyes go so pale, and the blue in his eye s drain, the man seemed to stop talking, and although when Rob asked him how he was, he said he was ok, Rob, asked elyse to go in and ask the wife to call an ambulance, get a chair, which she did, Elyse told the wife to calm down, as she almost went into shock, meanwhile Rob settled the man, as he collapsed caught him, and saved him hitting his head, whilst Rob, was trying to care for the man, who at this stage was actually having a heart attack, Rob placed him into the right postions, etc, Elyse is dealing with the wife who completely lost it.
The ambulance came, and he was taken off, at that stage, he was coming in and out but the ambulance driver said if it was not for Robs quick thinking, the man would have most certainly been dead.
Elyse also, kept the sitaution at hand, and kept the lady as calm as she could whilst running back and forth to the house to assist Rob with the man, as they thought he had actually dropped dead.
I am very proud of them both

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