Friday, January 15, 2010

computer virus

I have just got over a very bad computer virus, which i think has been playing on my computer for a while.

it is a control centre virus, that takes over your computer, completely jams it up, and changes part s of windows.

I though i had lost everything,

there is no doubrt when you see it, emails stop, you cannot turn computer on or off, and then a command centre window comes up it has a shopping basket on the top left hand side, and wants you to buy the program, giving you the impression that it is a program up for renewal in the computer same as above

go to the bottom of the page
where it says, and then malwarebytes down load these and you get rid of it, please do not open it, you do not need to pay for anything going through this site.
I hope i have not passed this onto anyone, if i have i appolagise.

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