Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Therese Badcock-RIP

To all who are familiar with the Australian show circuit, especially our major shows, would have met a lovely lady called Therese Badcock, her fiery red hair, and happy smile, would stand out over the crowd.
Therese is from Tasmania, her large stud called Serena Lodge, wither the support of her daughters and grand children, she ran over 400 alpacas, concentrating on suris.
Therese was diagnosed in early December with Lung Cancer, and travelled to Melbourne for an operation, which after Xmas, was given a good prognosis, after going back home to Tasmania, she devloped complications, and passed away yesterday morning.
I am unsure of her age, but i think she was only about 55.
Therese and i were heavily involved in the setting up of the Ultrafine Bale, and also GIFT, and was valuable in helping to set up this project, which long term will see all countries being able to benefit and being able to sell the ultrafine fleeces, which will be a great asset world wide.
As i spoke with Paul Valelly last night, as he said this is also her legacy, as we were so dedicated in moving this project forward, as we can see the World industry of alpaca farming, needs to start producing the super and ultra fine fleeces, and the marketplace and the end result is set up so the grower has more say, and returns from this project.
It is still in it's infancy, and still there is a lot to do, but without the efforts of the orginal people that have supported Paul with his quest, Therese and myself, this project would never be off the ground.
Thank you Therese for your help, your dedication, and your friendship
It is with a very sad heart i pass this news onto you