Friday, May 28, 2010

International Alpaca Congress - Madrid Spain

I am a supporter for the Madrid Alpaca Congress.
Alan Stables, can be congratulated with the enormous effort he has made to promote tirelessly this Alpaca Congress.
At the moment i cannot go to this event, although i wish i could be there.
It looks a really great event for those that can make it to this event.
What an excuse to go and visit such a beautiful city- Madrid.

I have a few quarantines going through at the moment, which always take priority.
When there is a quarantine going, my total focus is on that quarantine, as there is so much bookwork, and legislation that has to be followed to the T.
I hope the congress is enjoyed by all.
a Little of what is to be experienced by the attendees, follows-:

The International Alpaca Congress is being held in Madrid, Spain from 4th to 6th June 2010. The congress consists of 16 international speakers, with all speeches in English.
Running With the theme "The Alpaca Networking Event to Tap into Emerging markets", registrations have been made from Australia, Canada, China, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.
I've personally read each of the speeches and the attendees are in for a real treat.
It's going to be a reality check for most. Paul Vallely of Australia is going to impart information on the merino wool industry, and how the alpaca industry can and should act. For example Paul advocates the need to concentrate on high heritable traits for improved genetics.
Breeding programs are being covered by Nic Cooper from New Zealand whose emphasis on which traits to look at and Susan Tellez from USA. Susan is a specialist in suris and is a respected member of the Suri Network.
Alejandra von Bear has impressive knowledge on embryo transfer - a type of fast lane for genetic improvement of your best alpacas.
Lauris Jephcott explains what happened to her when she could not find a buyer for her fibre. She, along with a few partners, set up a small group to market alpaca fibre themselves at a local level. Lauris stresses the value of the handle of the fibre.
Alpaca for the high value craft industry and alpaca yarn blending are covered by Andrea Macdonald from USA. Andrea is a fleece judge.
Protecting your animals from diseases is headed by Libby Henson from the British Alpaca Society, with contributions about Blue Tongue and TB from the Swiss professor Patrik Zanolari. Chuck Rademacher is a self-taught expert on parisites and he takes his knowlegde to the farm level, so that the farmer can carry out his own analysis.
This is just a flavour of what you can expect. There's much much more.
This educational experience of one full day and two half days, costs 495 euros (US611), and partners go at half price. Attendees are going to be really impressed with its content.
There is also a new HOTLINE number for the congress. You can contact us directly on +34.659.040756.
If you wish to be involved in alpacas or are already farming them, Madrid is the place to be.
This is an opportunity for a unique educational experience to get you upto date with the alpaca industry today.
Check out or email for a congress booking form.
Hopefully you can make it - Madrid awaits you !
Best Regards
Alan B. Stables
PS. Many optional activities are available too eg. Gala Dinner, Madrid by Night Bus Tour and a Picnic Tapa Brunch at a Spanish alpaca farm followed by a trip to historic Toledo.

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Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic conference. If people are interested I think Alan is still offering copies of the Proceedings.