Saturday, May 15, 2010

TB alpacas...Cape Buffalo, STH Africa

Thank goodness, Australia is TB Free.
I read though of stories from breeders from overseas, of the reported cases of TB.
My ears pricked up this morning as we were having breakfast, we were watching Nat geo on TV, on the cape buffalo in Sth Africa. It is called Buffalo Warrior.
Lindsay Hunt, has been doing research on this and FMD which has been prevalient throughout the cape buffalo since 1988.
He did a study on trying to see how it is transmitted from one to the other, and so quarantined a group of infected buffalo, and i am certain they said they inncoluted them against Tb, but when the cows gave birth they immediately had to remove the calves, as if they nursed the antibodies of the innoculation would transfer through the mother's milk, and so if later in life, the calves would test positive to TB, and it would be uncertain if the animal had been exposed to it, or had it.
But after 9 mnths, the scientist then was able to clear the Tb in the group he had, all were negative, and when he mixed them back in the wild, where there were more stresses, Tb and FMD came back.
So he had his quarantine herd, that had never been exposed to Tb, and then was able to prodruce, new herds of TB free animals.
From his studies the knowledge was gained, that when under stress, then TB was prevalient, but when the animals were not stressed at all. Food plentifull, not overgrazed, clean water, etc, Tb was not spread.
It was also noted that TB is spread through by air, and saliva, and body fluids.
It was noted though that it is not spread through their drinking water.

I wonderd also if this information would be helpful for those in other countries that have had incidences of TB, whether or not, the animals that contracted TB, were at times under stress, even land transport is stressful.
Here is a couple of links to the story.

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