Thursday, May 20, 2010

The life of an exporter

Life has been very busy, with some previous breeders who i have done exports for, have recommended our services to do more exports.
We have just come home from doing another large export to Malaysia.
We have negotiated some alpacas to be exported to Malaysia before August this year, being the first to be exported there,
Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new marketplace.
Last year i started to venture into exporting goats, and sheep, and have extended my licence to cattle and buffalo.
Other species are able to be exported to many more countries than alpacas are.
So my main aim, is to see how each country's protocols are for each species, so i can work out and negotiate a protocol to introduce alpacas to these countries.
At the moment, we do have interest in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, China.
The more countries that require alpacas, will give the Industry the boost and influence it deserves

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