Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Most of you that have known us from afar, will know of Elyse. She has been with alpacas virtually all of her life...20 years.
Today she celebrates her 23rd Birthday.She is a wonderful kid, we love her so much.She has been there for me, as you all know, and she is there to assist her father at a moments notice.
She also helps out her brother if he needs help, carpet laying, and has assisted building the quarantine facility, all three facilities that is incorporated in the one quarantine, she has just finished helping her father and boyfriend, building fort knox, all the extra fencing required to make this a 5 star quarantine facility, which we can now quarantine three species and three countries at once, which is a feat for a small little self taught exporter in Victoria.
Elyse also has completed and i may say the first alpaca person, the fleece classing for alpacas, and sheep.She has expertise in animal husbandry, managment, and manages the farm, and the animals.
Puts out the hay, repairs fencing and any leaking pipes. around the farm.
She also is in charge of all the shearing, and when you are shearing approx 400 alpacas, that is a mean feat.
Those who have assisted us with shearing, cannot compete the the speed and efficiency that Elyse displays.
When we have done quarantines for Russia and China, where the countries government vets come out to observe all the testing and procedures that are undertaken during the quarantine, are bewildered how this girl, 5 ft 5 in, and not a large girl, can handle this very wild mature animals, with efficiency and accuracy, The men stand back and let her do it, the men stand back as they euther can not handle the animals or scared to. In their broken language we can understand, they say, they are amazed at Elyse, she is wonderful.She has competed as Junior judging and has won three times at National and ROyal levels.
She is almost a miracle worker, and has a wonder rapoir with the alpacas and any animal that we care for through our quarantines.Thank goodness she has had enough sense to get medical assistance for me twice or I would not be here.This is not being written by a mother who can only look through rose coloured glasses, but from a friend, and a person who admires Elyse's qualities and capabilities.
We have travelled the world together, with alpacas, trying to open up new marketplaces together, and we have learnt along the way, many things which she will carry through her working life.
She was there for her sister through a tough time and her pregnancy, her birth, and being the first person to hold her nephew, to give us a ring at my hospital, to let me know that- he's here", were her words.
She also has been there now for her cousin, for support.
I know she is a wonderful girlfriend, partner, and good cook for her boyfriend Josh, whom we all love.Thanks Elyse your are a great Kid.
have a happy 23RD Birthday...... I am proud to be your mum.

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