Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Congress-Spain Update

I heard this event was a wonderful success, congratulations, Alan Stables, who went to a huge effort to organise this.
I have been given a copy of the notes, and it looks as though it was a huge success.
How i would have liked going to Spain.
Hope i get another chance one day.


Leo said...

Probably, if Alan B. Staples is a smart guy he never does it again...
It was great to be there and the information / speakers we met were fantastic. But there were such a low number of people that I don't believe Alan will organise this again. Too bad for us as alpaca-industry (breeders).
Greetings, Leo

Raelene from Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports said...

Hi Leo,
It was a shame, as there were a few influencial people who bouycotted the Congress.
Putting down Mr Stables.
A couple associations or influencial people in these associations spread unfound rumors.
But he worked extremely hard to promote this congress, and i congratulate him, as he kept to it, and did his best.
He had a lot of speakers there i have the notes, but have not had time to read them but glanced through, and it would have been good to have attended, i spoke to an Australian last night who said it was fantastic.
Paul Valleley also came back as you know as one of the speakers at the congress, and from this, he has been asked to take his machine that does the GIFT testing, over to Europe about May next year.
He will be anchoring himself at a few places through Uk, and Europe, so that you guys have access to this valuable technology.
Something good has come out of this congress, and international contacts were made.
It is a shame, for us here, timing was not right, i was hoping until the end that i could get over there, but it sadly did not happen.
I hope all gained more knowledge and friendship, and if we look over all the politics, it was a great congress.