Monday, November 8, 2010

ULtrafine fleece gone up again

Ultrafine fleece went up another 25%.
I am told, that the reason the highest prices paid in 20 years is for 
the Ultrafine fleece, si because it is a natural fibre, and the trend is
to go for the natural fibre.
This can only be good for alpaca.
Alpaca can breed quicker to the finer microns than you can with the sheep wool, because of the structure of the fibre.
Not withstanding all the other wonderful qualities about alpaca fibre.
Warmth, lightweight, stronger, soft handle, non allergenic.
Fashion designers are taking up alpaca because not only it is lightweight but unlike wool, the alpaca fabric will drape, where wool will not, so i am told.

 But who can go past an alpaca without wanting to give them a cuddle.
They really are the best animal to farm.

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