Monday, November 8, 2010


For those that do mobile matings, and try and give good service.
An old fashioned thing, but seems important to us all, especially it seems in the alpaca industry, we all try to give service to new people in the Industry.
Sometimes we make friends and you think these people can do no wrong by you.
Innocently, we in the alpaca Industry can think that we are all nice people.
Most of us, are, and want to spread the good will of alpaca farming and ownership.
But becareful, because there are some people, (although thank goodness only a few), who will take advantage of this friendship, and good service you offer.
In Australia, we give an A4 form for the people to register the offspring from any mating service completed in a live cria from your male.
We do not usually give an A4 form out until the payment has been made.
Call me stupid foolish or what, My husband says i am too trusting. The people say, oh can i have the A4 form, i will send you the money, i left my cheque book at home, and i have to register the cria for a show.
meanwhile, innocently i trust once again.
I give the A4 form, no mating fee comes, and the people meanwhile were not wanting to register the cria for a show, they have already sold the cria.
This is fraud.

I have not got this wrong,
This is fraud
There are people around, that will say anything, some so ridiculous, you wonder how people can believe such rubbish.
But i am afraid gossip, is always more attractive from the truth.
Why do some people do this, you do not affect these people's business, and you mind your own.
But if you are being seen to be doing well, or doing something others are not, then you are a target.
Usually those who join in to be part of the click.
This is defamation.

It happens in all industries.

I can sleep at night as i know, i have not done wrong by others.


Knapper Alpakka said...

We insist on having contracts and written agreements for most things for this same reason. It is not that we do not trust people, but it is nice to have the agreed items written down and signed to avoid confusion and disagreement later on. This we learned from the IT industry. We are not lawyers, however, and our contracts have not always been optimally written and people "punish" us for it by exploiting the holes in the contract. No hard feelings. But we are getting better, and we will always honor a contract :-)

Raelene from Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports said...

We also have contracts, but if you are too friendly, they ry and take too much advantage of you.
You get to know people over the time you visit them, but they approach me, not ROb, as i am the weak link, and too trusting of people.

Rob @ Wellground said...

Hi Raelene,

At least you have an A4 form to hand out to people.

In the UK when we first started breeding alpacas, like yourselves we handed the client a 'Certificate of Service' as verification for registering a cria.

The BAS later dumped the requirement for a 'Certificate of Service'. Now a breeder can go online and register a cria with no proof of service and possibly put any herdsire name they wished. Unless the owner of thaterdsire spotted an irregularity, the error could easily go unnoticed.

You are very fortunate to have your system, it does offer you some protection against non-payment. I wish we still had that system in the UK.


Raelene from Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports said...

What is also happening, is these people are now involving a third party....being the purchaser.
the purchaser is completely innocent and have purchased the offspring in good faith.
You also have acted in good faith with the meting, often costing you money to drive the male to the mating, in Australia, we have ofyen travelled interstate, which means motels, etc, in this case it was costing us $400 per weekend to go up to do these metings.
But then the people also try to justify themselves to the purchasers, by saying you are difficult and that is why the A4 form was not handed over.
which ever way you turn in this type of situation you come up at the bottom