Saturday, December 4, 2010

10 Reasons to wear Alpaca

1. Natural
2. Comfortable
3. Soft
4. Real
5. Elegant
6. Non-allergenic (aka hypoallergenic)
7. Naturally colorful
8. Eco-Friendly
9. Water resistent, naturally
10. Odor resistent
Alpaca Clothing is Superior to Wool:
Superior in strength, warmth, softness
Smooth fiber without lanolin removed the itchiness and allergic reactions
Comes in 22 official colors!
Naturally rain resistant
Washable with lower tendency to shrink
Resilient - your cherished alpaca garment can last for many years
Alpaca Fiber is Superior to Man-made Fibers:

More comfortable in cold weather
Warm even when wet
Better wicking of body moisture, superior breathability
Resists odors, even in socks!
100% natural luxurious fiber which is environmentally excellent
Naturally wind resistant
Excellent breathability
Does not mat or pill
Fire resistant, will not melt
Low static
Wrinkle resistant (hang up and wrinkles fade away)

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