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How different is GIFT to other breeding systems?

How different is GIFT to other breeding systems?
GIFT is a breeding tool which is designed to deliver a superior breeding program to breeders with specific breeding goals in place. The breeders can use these tools to make important, breeding and financial decisions.
GIFT is designed to deliver measurable results for specific objectives in alpaca breeding programs.
Comparing GIFT to other breeding systems over a 10 yr period in the Merino Industry (AUST), it has been proven to make genetic gains faster than other systems who rely on longer term for breeders who aim to be producers of superior quality animals and fleeces.
GIFT offers breeders these important tools and reports by which they design and manage their own breeding program. Other Breeding's systems rely on

Skin follicle tests. This is only part of the story, it is like looking at the car, but like under the bonnet of the car, the engine which drives the car, the skin is only part of the story. The fibre above the skin, tells more of the genetic gain which can be passed onto the next generation.
There are many other factors including the Skin follicle tests.
But now with this technology, we do not have to rely on skin test, we can get the same information and more through the GIFT test. Used as an objective measurement and visual markers of important fibre characteristics.
GIFT is designed to meet individual needs and wants, and is particularly aimed at improving colored alpacas to produce elite fibre in the future - in essence, to produce elite animals producing elite fibre- ultimately increasing profits for the astute alpaca breeder.
GIFT tests although completed in Australia, is available for anyone in the world. Currently, GIFT is the only place we can obtain these reports, and testing. Educational seminars can be arranged, anywhere in the world.
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seminars or for any information
is a departure from traditional breeding philosophies and practices and stands alone as an exciting option for progressive breeders.

Using accurate tools, histograms, and taking out the environmental factor, leaving you with the genetic potential, the animal has to improve fleeces.
Identifying these animals, male and female, is the key to making good breeding divisions,for animal or fleece, with in mind the value adding exercise to maximize your $ not only in the sales of your alpacas, but also with the fleece, commanding high demand, with high returns.
Ultrafine and superfine fleeces in the sheep industry command the highest prices
as illustrated on
this is also achievable in alpaca.
Gift in uninvasive for the alpaca tested, no joining fees, or club, but a huge database of fleece records. Reasonable prices, proven already in the sheep industry, and already showing improvement in the alpaca industry.
Reports to help you through and understand the results, and guide you into the right business decisions.

Create meaningful record systems

Fibre testing and interpretation

Education workshops and seminars

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