Monday, December 13, 2010

There is always another day ..and the sun will shine

I read the blogs from Europe, Uk, and USA & Canada, and it is pretty cold there.
Whilst you seem to be having very very cold winters, Australia's eastern states are experiencing so much rain, towns are being evacuated, and rivers breaking their banks, and floods, as the water subsides, downstream.
Sometimes this gets you down, and things just do not seem to go wrong.
Then the next day you get up, the sun is shining for us in Australia today, look at the weather bureau, weather looks good for a few days.
Out comes the shears, try and get some shearing done.
Finished some quotes and they have been accepted, so more shipments going for alpacas to two completely new destinations.
Watch this space for more.
A gret start for the new year

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