Monday, February 21, 2011

20 years ago today we purchased our first 2 female alpacas, and a male weanling.

20 years today we bought our first 2 alpacas, and little did we know what adventure these magical animals would take us.
Little did we know of the journey, the fun, the achievements they would bring us.
At the time 20 years ago, friends and neighbours thought we had gone crazy.
it was like shooting an arrow into the sky.

Well, the alpacas have shone through, whilst other exotic species, and new breeds were being introduced, and fads in farming , eucalyptus plantations, deer, ostrich, emu to mention a few.
they came and went, but Alpacas have just grown and grown, and like a child, our industry now has come through the crawling stage of setting up our associations, and labels, and research.
The industry now is starting the next phase is starting to walk on it's own 2 feet.
We just have to make sure we have the right people in the helm to guide us through, to a very succesful Industry.

We have had the most wonderful time with the alpacas, and we have never regreted one day of owning them.

Our herd, is already being taken up by our daughter, and our grandson, be him 1 year old, has already fed his first cria, and will snuggle up with a baby alpaca, i think his destination is all set out for him.

And what a wonderful future we hold for their future

Thank you....Incka, WindWhistler, Ziegfield, (our fiest 2), Stefano, Cristiano, Patche', Vallon, Yaquanza, El Condor, Iceburg, Hannah, Sensation, Wednesday, Jo Ling, Rheannan, (the very first alpaca of our own we sold), Sabuti, Zazzou, Montoya, Jesse, Telinga....i can only mention a few.
Since we have had alpacas, we have now had 1182 births, and thousands of alpacas have gone through our farms, we have set up many new breeders, and assisted many in selling their alpacas, we have assisted in opening up new marketplaces in the world for alpacas, and assisted others to great gains.
To us a great achievement, and i saw the photos that Hubble telescope took on it's 20 th Anniversary i thought these were just as fitting.

I hope you one day will celebrate 20 years and starting your next 20 years in this wonderful Industry.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Congratulations! I wish I'd started then - you've given me something to aim at though, enjoy your celebrations.

Judi B said...

Congratulations from in France...20years is a long time, you must have been amongst the first! We're beginners and probably too old to do 20 years but who knows!
Best of luck to your next generation and thus the next 20 years!