Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cyclone Yasi

Cyclone Yasi
is one of the largest cyclones we have seen in our lifetime to hit mainland Australia.
At one stage before it was downgraded, part of the tail was swinging off and made another small cyclone.
the size of this cyclone is compared to the map of USA, which i think anyone would say this is a massive damaging weather system.

In weather reports today the experts were explaining how a cyclone is made, and basically it is made by the earths ratation, with hot air, and cold air, raising and continually being fed by evaporation over the sea.
Townsville and Cairns in the far north have been effected so badly, just getting over the massive floods 2 weeks ago, and now this, Yasi spread from far north and we got the tail of this cyclone at the bottom of the Australian Mainland.
Our damage is nothing compared to those from up north, but still scarey, as we are on top of a hill, and we are flooded, driveway washed away, cut off to main towns, road cut off and flooded.
Animals just shorn last week, satuarated and shivering, and in danger of hypothermia.

Elyse rushing around, bringing animals and crias up of her 4 WD bike,
Andrew running around getting heaters and towelks, sheets, blankets, anything, for our herd.
Daniel, also rushing around in the 4WD as paddocks are totally full of water, Elyse said to her knees.
Leesa assisting Lauren and Andrew, drying and warming animals.

I hope there are not many animals lost in these bad conditions, it is a battle.
2 years ago, we were rushing around collecting alpacas from neighbouring properties because of major fires, now half our 100 acres is under water, and we are cut off by flood waters.

Then i look at the news and major snow storms in the USA, and i see on facebook, the freezing conditions you are living in over in Europe, Canada, UK, and USA, Russia.
We have nothing to complain about, and i hope that conditions improve for us all.

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Ami said...

Hoping you only lost material goods, that you all and the animals are ok.Warm wishes from Finland.