Monday, February 28, 2011

Our New Car

After a very close encounter with my daughter Lauren and young Jesse in the car, when she pulled up a month ago to pick up papers from the vet for me, she drove into the car park, and the whole front end dropped out of the Ford territory.

Moments before she came off the freeway travelling 110 kph, We thank our lucky stars that this did not happen whilst she was driving.

She called Rob, who went up there, and a lady was wanting Rob to move the car, as she wanted to park in the car park, Rob, went to look at it, and it dropped again, jamming the wheels at a 45 degree angle, and the cv joint dropped out.

Rob was standing there dumb founded could not believe his eyes.

The tow truck man came and said that this is a common fault with Ford territories, and that Ford has done a partial recall on the ball joints.

It was stated on the internet, that they are reluctant to do a full recall, but after reading many horror stories, on how drivers could not steer, going down gullies, and running into trees, as the ball joint came out.

The mechanic went onto tell us that it would cost in the vicinity of $6,000 and they are renown to go again, and in the write ups, again on car guide, and various forums, they may last 30,000 or 50,000, some having had them replaced 3 times.

I was too scared, to even think of Elyse, Lauren our grandkids, or anyone else driving the car, as there is no warning.

We went to a couple of car yards, and then just as a co incidence we were shown the Nissan Murano, and we ended up trading the Territory in once we had the ball joint and cv joint fixed.

I asked Lauren to take me down to the car yard to get a trade in, value on our car, and whilst we were waiting i said to Lauren it is like this car over here, as i walk over in the direction of a similar car, beside it was a Bright Yellow Ford XR

, with body kit, and immediately, without consulting me, she ran over and said to the salesman, if wee trade the two cars in will we get a better deal.

Well her charm did get her a better deal, and she came home Friday with her new car.

Rob then thought of Andrew and Leesa, Leesa now 4.5 months pregnant, and needed a new car desperately, and they jumped at paying the trade in value for Lauren’s car, a Ford Fairlane.

So all our mums now have safe vehicles to drive.

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