Saturday, October 16, 2010

Australian Nationals

This is the first year in 18, i was unable to make the Australian Nationals, with a group of alpacas to go to Thailand, and a shipment to go to Malaysia, and three shipments of goats to through to Malaysia, in this week.
I was unable to attend the Nationals In Tamworth.
# days drive there and back, and 4 days at the nationals, our work committments meant we could not make it this year.
As it turns out, the weather we are having is very risky weather to leave the alpaca herd, although my daughter and my son and his girldfriend would be here.
The weather has already damaged some trees etc, and so it would be unfair to leave the responsibility to them.
The weather forecast also is bad for Tamworth.
although not as bad as down here.
I wish everyone good luck for the Nationals, and wish i was there

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