Monday, October 18, 2010

A small voice is sometimes heard

Sometimes, you can stand there and shout and no-one takes any notice of you.
But if you know that by standing back, the wrong is being done.
You must stand up again, and shout.
Recently, the was some injustice starting to show it;s head.
Where do you go, to make people notice.
Money can pay anyone off....but that is not right. By standing alone, you do become a target. But if you know that the wrong is being done, then you must stand up for what is right, at any personal cost.
 Although most times, that personal cost is high. But i cannot let the wrong be done, and stand back and then say I told you so. I am not a person who stands up to others. I am not a person, who is outspoken, in fact the opposite, i am one that will stand back, and wait for people to say hello. I am one who people walk over.
But if there is injustice and the ones the wrong is being done to, cannot stand up and speak, then i will stand up, and let it be known. Especially when some government dicision is wrong.
Do you know how hard it is to stand up to a government and inform them that a dicision is is the hardest thing, to voice your experience, knowledge, and facts, and to voice these in a way, that the dicision makers, will listen.
It is even harder to speak to the top, as this is the person that has to be spoken to. But if you are right, and you speak to the right people, it is amazing how quickly, the wheel is stopped, and rightened.
It showed me, that through respect to myself, and my experience, people will hear me, and taken notice of what i have to say. I know that my voice being heard, will benefit those who cannot speak. And many people, breeders around the world will benefit, without knowing, other than the correct thing was done for the safe passage of their animals.

What is the moral of this story?

Don't stand by and let the bullies manilipulate for their own benefit. The bullies do not care about if it is right or not, they have the money to talk, and get their own way...............but not all the time!

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