Friday, October 22, 2010

What is Lustre……….Alpaca Fibre

I am often asked what is Lustre?

Lustre is so sparkling, you will never need a flash on your camera, and sometimes, a photographer will say that the fleece is so lustrous, it flashes back at the camera, so it is hard to take a photo that can truly display the true lustre you see when you open up a fleece.


I do notice in my travels, that Australian fleeces are very dusty especially on the outside compared to other countries, as we have been experiencing droughts especially over the past decade.

And that is why when you often see alpaca fleece shots in Australia, they are darker on the outside.

But a dense fleece will not be dusty on the inside.

You are lucky in a way in other countries that do not experience the dust we experience. and your alpacas stay snow white.

i true lustrous fleece completely knocks you out when you open it up.

It is Dazzling, sparkling, and beautiful.

The lustre tells the observer a very important thing.

The more luscious the fleece the finer it it.

The first two fleeces was tested 12 mths old as 12 microns, the rest have tested between 13-15 microns.

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