Tuesday, October 26, 2010


AS an exporter, i have many things to consider when planning a shipment.
I will only consider shipments that are totally risk free.
I have to have covered all conceivable risks and have plans in place to cover anything like plan transfers etc, how the alpacas are handled when these are scheduled, if you have handlers on the ground in these overseas countries, and if feed and water is offered.
A huge factor in planning a shipment is the length of time the alpacas are in the mode of transport whether it be land air or sea.
All factors are taken into consideration, and that is why i have set out to change the way alpacas are exported from Australia.
I see a short plane journey would have to be better than a plan journey in excess of 30 odd hours which others seem to be contiplating.
I also always have to have a constigency plan in place in case there is an unexpected drop off, or fuel stop.
Which country is the plane entering, as does this country have an existing protocol with the destination country.
currently, the planned stop offs of Madras and Sharjah, do not have current protocols of the Eu commission, be it, for the Netherlands, Germany, Uk.
As the plane lands, the alpacas then are considered to have travelled throuigh these countries.
and then their health status has changed.
Then what other cargo is loaded and offloaded onto the plane through the transit journey from the departing country to the destination country.
Are tou travelling through a Blue tongue zone.
lets look at the map of Blue Tongue Zones.

I personally would be looking at TB, as this is an air borne disease, is Tb previalent in these countries or zones that the animals are transiting through?
The midgee also sometimes will enter into timber and crates.
Fungus, and health status of countries through transit.
Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest GenerationRemember, these when importing your alpaca.
as you import your alpaca not only to your country but to your farm.
RISK FREE in safetly, animal welfare, in transit, health issues, and disease status, having all plans in place incase of delayed planes, length of travel be it by land or air, or both in the same journey.
This is why I have now started to go through other channels, as the risks are so minimal.
Alpacas being Imported are usually of a high $ value, whether the alpaca is worth over $100,000 or be it worth $250 the welfare issues, and the managment of any shipment, is the same.
We are proud to have established now the direct route with the lowest risk to date, and currently and still meeting current Eu conditions, for not only mainland Europe, but also for Switzerland, and UK.Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation

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