Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beaware for lighting

Since we have started to shear, we have had very threatning weather. So we have had to move the alpacas to protective paddocks, where they have shelter from rain and wind. Whilst doing this last Thursday night, in the middle of a huge rain storm, hailstonesthe size of cricket balls, soi was moving all the alpacas, each group had to be moved to a different part of the farm. The alpacas did not want to move. I was moving the alpacas in my car, when all of a sudden, it sounded as though a omb went off, and i was the centre of the bomb. A huge golden flash before my eyes, and all around the car.Yes, the car had been struck by lightening, i was just so scared, i thought i had died and had gone to heaven, i could not believe it. Elyse came running over to see if i was alright, Rob heard it as far away as in the house.

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