Friday, November 14, 2008

Canadian Alpaca Export update

This week has been a huge week with establishing the protocols for this shipment, some unavoidable delays, but will progress the shipment for the delivery now in January.

It is upsetting that we have had to deal with some legalities of the protocols. bUt long term, it will path the way for smoother shipments.

Tannis has been working frantically at her end, and her trailer, looks magnificant.

We have had to try and trim the fleeces as best we can. We are working with some pregnant females, and the weather has been hot, so we do not want to stress any of the females out.
SO we are just trimming and touching up as much as we can, and if the female starts getting figity then we leave the rest for another day.
We are needing to trim the fleeces back, because, these alpacas had too much fleece, especially to travel on a plane with.
But because the alpacas will be arriving in the Canadian winter, we must leave some on, which has been hard ti juggle around.
Some look a bit neater than others, well the neater ones were more placid, and easier to trim up.
Like a bad haircut, in a couple of weeks it will even out.

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