Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alpaca shearing 2008, Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports

The past few days, we have been shearing most of the herd. With heaps of thanks to Ed Hunt, and of Course Rose Thorougood, and of course my husband ROb, and ELyse as shed manager, sorting fleees, taking fleece samples, organisation of the shearing shed, and alpacas to be shorn.
The alpacas were really looking to be shorn, they just laid on the table and just were almost begging for the shearing. Monday was cold, and still drizzling, yesterday it got up into the 20's and today we were up to 25 degrees, but then they are predicting really bad thunder, lightenng, halstones, rain, and gale force winds for 3-4 days. We really do not know how the weather is going to pan out, so all alpacas bhave been moved to safe protected areas of the farm. Thanks Mike Snow also, he has been fantastic, and made sure that our main herd, especially our super and ultra fine alpacas were shorn before the really hot weather comes. We really appreciate him, and would recommend him as an alpaca shearer to anyone looking for a reliable shearer. Already, some of the alpacas have been sweating and their fleeces were really ready to be shorn.

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