Friday, November 21, 2008

BUsy time with quarantines

With Christmas looming, we have been busy.
trying to make sure all the alpacas that are meant to go overseas are all booked in. Sometimes this is a bit hard to organise, and try and pick up all the alpacas around the countryside. We do our best to please. But most of all, to try and make it as easy as possible for the importer overseas.
i know how difficult it is to organise pick ups, but from overseas, it is harder for the people to get onto the right people.
Elyse has been to South Australia last week, and did not get home until 4am in the morning, to pick up a group of alpacas,.
Rob & i were suppose to go to NSw this weekend, to pick up some alpacas, but this trip has been canceled, as there are weather alerts everywhere.
pparantly the storms were extremely bad interstate.Next week, elyse is back to SDouth Australia, to pick up more alpacas.
It is a busy time, as today she is sorting out fleeces, and sorting alpacas into their colours and microns, for when we start shearing next week.

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